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Marketing & Branding

Whether you are starting from scratch or just need to inject new blood into an existing brand, allow me to help you define and own the unique attributes that resonate with your audience – and create an easier path to conversion.

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Today's digital media requires an interface that feels familiar, even on first use. Let us help you create a unique yet intuitive interface that allows users to access your website or your custom applications features & functions with ease.

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Consumers spend just seconds at the shelf deciding what product to buy. Innovative packaging is the primary differentiator for influencing in-store purchasing decisions. Let us help your product leap into the cart with beautiful and functional shelf appeal.

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Need to tell a story so unique and personal that stock imagery just won't do? From photographic realism to simple 2-dimensional info-graphics, we can help concept and create viusals that speak eloquently to your audience.

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Showcase of a few projects I'm quite proud of

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Monty Jorgensen - Creative Director

Monty Jorgensen

I started Chrysalis Creative group in 2005. I was doing what I loved: designing and creating high-impact marketing strategis along with the required assets to bring them to life for a handful of great agencies, design studios and their clients – both large and small. The problem was, once that work was done, I'd head home and continue doing the same for my 'freelance' clients until the wee hours of the night. After a while I began to get busy enough that the number of hours worked at each 'job' were getting pretty equal. I'm all about working hard, but there needs to be a few hours left in the day for the other joys in life. Chrysalis was born the day after that realization hit me.

As for the name choice of my company, if you were paying attention in biology class it'll all make perfect sense to you.

Creativity is in my blood. Not sure how it got there, but it's there. I find that creating something, anything really, is one of the most fulfilling endeavors you can undertake. And being able to do it for a living? Well that's just too good to be true. I look forward to one day working with you on a project. And, if all goes as I've planned, many more after that.


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